What is it?

A challenge where participants must engage in physical activities as much as possible at school and at home from 2 May 2022 to 23 May 2022

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What’s the goal?

Move as much as possible to collect a maximum of Energy Cubes!

15 minutes of physical activity = 1 Energy Cube


Keep in mind to count all Energy Cubes from family members helping you collecting Cubes (parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters - if siblings aren't register to the Challenge).


Run, walk, jump—any activity that increases your heart rate!

Record your Energy Cubes in your Student's logbook and hand it in to your teacher.

The Grand Prize Coming to Your School

Many prizes to win

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How do we win?

1. Collect Energy Cubes (it’s easier with your family!).
2. Each students' Energy Cubes are add-up to the entire school's total.
3. The more cubes that you and your school collect, the more chances you have in the draw!
Average Number
of Energy Cubes per Student
Ranking Number of Entries in the Draw
150 to 224
energy cubes
Bronze Cube
Bronze Cube
1 chance
225 to 339
energy cubes
Silver Cube
Silver Cube
2 chances
Energy Cubes
Gold Cube
Gold Cube
3 chances


  • Total of 902,777,143 Energy Cubes collected since 2009
  • Total of 225,694,286 hours of physical activity since 2009
  • Equivalent to 28 millions school days of physical activity
  • Equivalent to 156,732 school years of physical activity

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