What is it?

The Energy Cubes Challenge is designed to get you, your family and your childcare center to be physically active from April 29 to May 20, 2024. During these three weeks, any activity that increases your heart rate counts. Running, walking, jumping, swimming… in short, anything that gets your heart pumping! Each week, record your Energy Cubes in your Logbook and give it to your educator at the end of the challenge.

For who?

The challenge is open to all children, from childcare to Grade 6. To collect more Cubes, MOVE WITH one or more members of your immediate family (parents, grandparents, and siblings).


Move as much as possible to collect a maximum of Energy Cubes!

15 minutes of physical activity = 1 Energy Cube


Don’t forget to add the Cubes of your family members who moved with you (children, grandchildren, siblings).

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Have a chance to win a cube filled with sports and motor skills items!

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How do we win?

1. Collect Energy Cubes (with your family, it’s even better!)
2. Your Energy Cubes are added to the total for your childcare centre.
3. The more cubes you collect, the more chances you have in the draw!

Ranking table for Energy Cubes

Average Number
of Energy Cubes per Child
Ranking Number of Entries in the Draw
38 to 75
energy cubes
Bronze Cube
Bronze Cube
1 chance
76 to 149
Energy Cubes
Silver Cube
Silver Cube
2 chances
Energy Cubes
Gold Cube
Gold Cube
3 chances

Did you know?

  • Total of 1,004,963,243 Energy Cubes collected since 2009
  • Total of 251,758,556 hours of physical activity since 2009
  • Equivalent to 31 millions school days of physical activity
  • Equivalent to 176,216 school years of physical activity

Parents and educators, would you like to know more?
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