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Understanding how Cubes are calculated

  1. Energy Cubes collected at home are logged in Child’s Logbooks and Energy Cubes collected at childcare are recorded through the Calcul-o-Cube (to come) or in the Group Leader and Childcare Leader’s tally sheets.
  2. Each week, the Group Leader tallies the Energy Cubes collected by his/her group*. To do this, he or she enters the Cubes collected at home, and logged in the Kid Logbooks, and those collected at childcare in the Calcul-o-Cube (or in the Group Leader tally sheet). If the Cube Calcul-0-Cube is used, the results are automatically forwarded to the childcare’s Energy Cubes Challenge Leader.

    *Total for active breaks, moments spent outside, daycare and special activities.

  3. The Childcare Leader makes sure that the Calcul-o-Cube is updated or he/she gathers all the Group Leader’s tally sheet. Then, the Childcare Leader records the childcare's total of Energy Cubes on the Planet Cube website.

* NEW *
Discover the Calcul-o-Cube

With the help of our brand-new Calcul-o-Cube, you will be able to tally the number of energy cubes earned directly online. In short, it is a dynamic numerical spreadsheet. Here’s how to use it :

  1. The Childcare Leader goes to the Calcul-o-Cube page and creates a calculator for his/her childcare. No authentication is required.
  2. The Childcare Leader then creates sections for each group.
  3. Once done, the Childcare Leader will need to share the calculator with each of the responsible in his/her childcare. This unique link must be carefully saved!
  4. Each Group Leader will have to fill in their section each week with the number of Energy Cubes their group has collected at childcare and at home. The childcare total will be calculated automatically and classroom groups that have not completed their section will be easily identified!
  5. At the end of the challenge, the childcare’s total numbers will have to be transferred to Planet Cube by the Childcare Leader before May 29.


What is the role of the teacher responsible for the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie at the childcare centre? What is the role of the group leader? What counts as an energy cube activity? Who can accumulate Energy Cubes? Where are compiling tools (child’s logbook, group leader’s tally sheet) available? How is the average total of energy cubes per child calculated? How are the winning childcare centres chosen? What prizes will be awarded to the winning childcare centres? How can we be sure that results are accurate?